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2021-12-13 20:07:41 By : Ms. Susan Su

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A high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin has been introduced, which can provide significantly improved moisture resistance for multilayer flexible packaging and enable the development of more recyclable polyethylene (PE) films.

The new resin from Nova Chemicals, called Surpass HPs267-AB HDPE, is specifically designed for blown film applications. Nova reports that it can increase the water vapor transmission performance of multi-layer co-extruded films by up to 20% compared to Nova's first-class Surpass HPs167-AB resin.

Due to the improvement of the moisture barrier, the packaging made of new resin provides a longer shelf life for packaged food.

“Due to its excellent barrier properties, this product is very suitable for meat and cheese, baked staples, cereals and biscuits, pet food, and high-fat products,” food packaging marketing manager Eric Vignola told Plastic Today.

The resin also provides a more recyclable option for processors that provide packaging to food companies. Processors can use HPs267-AB HDPE to replace non-recyclable metallized or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) laminates without sacrificing film stiffness while ensuring maximum heat resistance.

"One of the main advantages of polyethylene is that it is the only polymer that can be used to make single-material (all PE) flexible packaging for various foods, and single-material films are the easiest to mechanically recycle," Vignola said. "We work with film producers and the entire value chain to design PE-based recyclable film designs to support brand owners' packaging recyclability and recycling content goals.

"Especially HPs267-AB, whose barrier properties enable more packaging types to be redesigned by replacing non-PE barrier materials, using all PE or PE-based recyclable film structures." Films made of new resins can be used in a variety of ways Packaging forms include pillow packaging, flow packaging, liners, outer packaging and bag-in-box packaging. The resin is particularly suitable for stand-up pouches and can also be used as a moisture-proof layer in thermoforming nets.

"Some of our customers have tried HPs267-AB and found significant improvements in barrier performance. In addition, improvements in processability and transparency have also been reported," Vignola said. "These additional benefits can be used to reduce packaging size, increase run rates, and enhance packaging aesthetics."

The new resin is currently commercially available, from box samples to rail car orders, from Nova Chemicals and its distribution partners.

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