Drytac launches Polar Premium Clear & Weathershield film

2021-11-12 11:26:17 By : Mr. SARA LIU

Drytac announced that its seven-year durable Polar Premium Clear permanent polymer PVC inkjet media and the seven-year durable Weathershield polymer PVC film are available globally. 

"These popular and proven solutions have been launched in Europe for many years, and now, in order to meet customer needs, Drytac is bringing these flagship products to a wider global audience," British adhesive coating manufacturer Bristol Er said. Product-Distributed in Australia by Shann DPM.

Drytac Polar Premium Clear is a multifunctional 3.2 million (80 micron) phthalate-free printable polymer solvent self-adhesive PVC film with high-quality transparent adhesives that can be used on various substrates To achieve the best performance.

This printable film is compatible with solvents, eco-solvents, UV and latex technologies, and is ideal for long-term indoor and outdoor applications, such as general signs, window graphics, exhibition and event graphics, and POS displays. It can also be used to apply vehicle graphics to flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Compared with cheaper monomeric PVC film, it is developed with a more durable plasticizer, which has higher durability and weather resistance. The transparent permanent adhesive provides a stable long-term solution that can be removed after many years without leaving any residue.

Drytac Weathershield UV film is a 32 million (80 micron) transparent polymer gloss or matte PVC laminate film that can be used in a variety of applications, including general signage, window graphics, exhibition and event graphics, and POS displays.

The polymeric properties of Weathershield also provide excellent versatility and can be used with any Drytac polymeric PVC film (including Polar Premium Clear) to improve the durability and weather resistance of the graphics.

"Due to plasticizer migration resistance, Weathershield has minimal shrinkage and odor and is recommended for outdoor signage or high-end indoor graphics applications that require the highest UV protection," Drytac said. "Vinyl contains UV stabilizers in the mask, and the adhesive also has UV protection, ensuring that this solution provides the best protection for the bright color ink and media stability.

"With 7 years of outdoor durability, Weathershield has multiple fire protection ratings, making it ideal for use in public places."

Shaun Holdom, Drytac's global product manager, said: "We are very pleased to provide these adhesive scientific solutions for the wider global market and provide the industry with matching solutions with longer durability."

Drytac appointed Melbourne-based supplier Shann Digital Print Media (DPM) last year as its exclusive Australian distributor of wide-format printing media, mounting and protective films.