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2021-11-12 11:28:42 By : Mr. Pincredit Xian

The 438 Evolution combines a stylish appearance with impressive performance.

Intrepid's 438 Evolution provides a reliable 3 to 4 feet long sea surface at 32 mph, providing confidence and control, and the triple Mercury racing 450R outboard engine spins at a speed of 4,000. Nevertheless, I still want to see more.

Throttling back to 3,050 rpm, applying the full tuning tab and full negative engine tuning, the 438 Evolution stayed on the plane at a super comfortable speed of 17 mph. Many boats force you to either drop to trolling speed or let yourself crash into the ocean at speeds in your 20s. Although the 438 Evolution's top speed of 53 mph is great, its minimum glide speed is equally good-and I discovered a feature of this new Intrepid.

A rough test day also made me discover that the seat cushion of the 438 Evolution did not bottom out. It is worth noting that Intrepid regularly provides owners with customized seating options. I can also be sure that it is safe to move on the ship during the voyage. This means that the armrests are well placed, such as the armrests on the back of the driver's seat and the bow armrests that extend back to the side deck steps, allowing the armrests to be grasped from the cockpit. But this also means that seat backs, consoles, and other equipment that might fall from your hands proved to be sturdy and sturdy. Below the deck, the kitchen counters have no sharp corners; their rounded corners make turbulence caused by waves no longer a problem.

Then there is the RCG quotient: there are no obvious creaks, creaks, and groans on the 438 Evolution, even though it is gray and white water when I run it. The smooth driving is attributed to the latest iteration of Intrepid's laterally stepped hull, optimizing efficiency, comfort and handling. Also thanks to Intrepid's resin-infused PVC core laminate, it has excellent stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio, as well as sound and heat insulation properties. The strict assembly and rigging of the shipyard resulted in tight seams, proper fixing of fixtures, and good support of pipes and wires. If it is not going to move, it will not board Intrepid.

The layout has a 10 x 6-foot self-protected cockpit with hull diving doors; shoe sole loading, including dipping fish tanks; access to the bilge for easy maintenance of the pump and penetration of the hull; and more. Handrails on the top uprights, wide coaming pads, and plenty of toe space under each gunwale provide steps for the side decks. It is convenient to rinse with raw water. There is a grill and sink under the lid from the front of the cockpit to the port side; on the starboard side is a rear-facing lounge, which is opened electrically to display a large amount of load. There is an aquarium-style living well and a folding stern bench at the stern. With the push of a button, the sun visor will extend back to protect the cockpit. Intrepid will work with individual owners and install accessories such as hot and cold beam showers, cockpit tables, diving tank racks, etc. You can fish in this pit or use it as a space for diving or entertainment.

On a step below the hardtop is the helm deck with a spacious port side lounge and double-wide helm seat. The sloping and curvy windshield provides excellent protection, and I should add that its size and style add to the lively appearance of the 438 Evolution. The rudder is a sculpted console that showcases a pair of large touch screen multi-function displays and enough space for the admiral's series of controls, including engine joysticks, bow thruster joysticks and a full set of accessory switches. The helm seat has an upturned pillow and armrests, and the downturned footrest is a wide platform that gives the captain and first officer a sense of control.

The cabin of the 438 Evolution feels larger, brighter, and more airy than most models. There are hard reasons for this: the six side windows of the hull and a pair of fixed lights in the trunk of the engine room just let in plenty of light. But the iconic use of many light-colored surfaces on vertical surfaces and overhead is offset by the dark contrasting colors of the feet and furniture. Therefore, the head door, bulkhead and exposed sides of the cabin are all glossy gel coats. But the bottom of the cabin is artificial teak, the front of the cabinets of the fully equipped kitchen are gray, and the front lounge (converted to a berth) is a rich club brown. Similarly, Intrepid will strive to meet the decoration needs of individual customers.

At the stern, the cabin is very spacious, with vertical passages and seat headroom in its horizontal berth. The only thing is teak. It has two huge hull portholes and a skylight, absolutely not like a cave.

Shopping? We know that no other outboard power boat can provide this kind of performance, and can be used for fishing, diving, cruising and entertainment. Tiara's 43 LE (equipped with a triple Mercury Racing 450R outboard, priced at $1,149,900) won't really fish or dive, but its foldable cockpit side and rotatable All Sports Module lounge can be entertained.

Looking for a ship with a stylish appearance and matching performance, and ready to meet any challenges? Sea Trial Fearless 438 Evolution.

Intrepid Powerboats-Lago, Florida; 954-922-7544; intrepidpowerboats.com

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